Make a Payment Online

We are happy to provide you with the ability to pay your site fee, cottage deposits/rentals and camp site deposits/fee online using Interac e-Transfer available through most financial institutions via online banking.

Here’s how Interac e-Transfer works:

      1. You need to sign in to your online banking website, and locate the spot where you can send money transfers (sometimes labelled “Send Money or Transfer Funds”), although this will vary from bank to bank.  There will be a spot labelled “e-Transfers” in that location.
      2. Your bank’s website will guide you through the process. You will need to provide:
        • your email address
        • your name
        • our name: Duins Pineridge Resort
        • our email address:
        • the amount you’re sending
        • a Security Question that we will need to answer to receive the money – please use your last name as the question and the answer must be: duins + your seasonal site number, camp site number or cottage number, all lowercase no characters or spaces (example: duins89 for a seasonal site number of 89 or duinsLVC1 for camp site number LVC1 or duins2 for a rental of Cottage #2)
        • a secure and private message may also be included with the e-Transfer
      3. The money is then withdrawn from your account and the transfer process is begun
      4. An email is sent to us, telling us about the e-transfer
      5. We answer the Security Question and deposit the funds into our account
      6. You will then be notified via email from your bank that the transfer was successful

Note: The transfer will expire after a set number of days if we do not accept it and you are able to cancel it at anytime if it has not yet been accepted. We also have the ability to decline the transfer.